Brandon Russo is William Russo's older brother. And a machine gun. He is the opposite of Liz.


Brandon was born and raised in Genoa, Italy. He grew up with a loving-craing mother and an abusive father. After his mother died, his father was there to take care of him and his brother. The father was very abusive towards him. He hit him in the head with a beer bottle banged his head repeatedly on the wall and dragged outside in the heat. While he was staying outside crying he heard his brother screaming inside. He saw his father suffocating Brandon. He came rushing in and pushed his father towards the wall, grabbed his brother and ran out the house. While the father yelled "I hope you die".


Like other teenage boys. He is a very calm-tempered, and well-mannered boy. He likes anything like cologne, girls, sneakrs and skateboarding, and hanging out with friends. But things like zombie's scare Brandon. He freaks out and runsaway.


Diane ReaperEdit

Brandon is madly in love with Diane. He gets very jealous when she's around other boys. But doesn't show his feelings to her. But treats her like he treats everyone else.Edit

Patricia ThompsonEdit

Patricia and Brandon have a strong hatred against each other.Edit


  • He and his brother are the only foregein characters on the show.
  • Since they're Italian, they represent Mario and Luigi.
  • Brandon is afraid of zombie's./wiki/$1