Bumble Bee (Maruhanabach) is Stitches Steins' weapon. Bumble Bee was Born and raised in Death city.Edit



Since he's Black star's twin brother. His body is built the same way as his, expect he is a few inches taller than him. Has the same wardrobe (Expect different color) than Black star. He has yellow spiky hair, with a small blue highlight on the right side of his head. He wears navy blue gloves, and wears a collar like a his brother Black star (Expect navy blue). He wears the same shoes as his brother (Expect navy blue). He wears navy blue and yellow striped socks. Has navy blue eyes and has a one piercing on his left ear.Edit


Bumble is a low intelligent kid. He is said to be an extremely dimwitted and lowly focused boy. He is very flirtacious. He loves to get a woman's attentions. He uses his phrase "ladies" to get a womans attention. He is as dimwitted as his older twin Black Star. Bee likes to prove he's better than his brother.Edit


Since Bee has a major crush on Stitches, he sometimes uses his flirtacious ways to get her attention. But, she's somewhat so busy that she doesn't realize that Bee likes her. Bee calls her "Queen of science" since she loves science.Edit


  • Bee has a crush on Stitches.
  • Patti Likes Bee, but Bee doesn't like her. He finds Patti annoying.
  • Bee thinks he older than Black Star, when Black Stars the oldest.
  • His phrase "ladies" is the same quote used from mung daal from chowder.