Diane Reaper is the grim reaper's daughter. And Death the Kid's twin sister.




Diane appears to have a similar wardrobe as her twin brother. Expect she's wearing a skirt instead. She has long black socks with three white stripes on the side. She has a long black pony tail with a bang infront. For shoe, she wears polished black flats.


Even though she's mute (Born not talking). She's awfully quiet and calm. Unlike her brother, she doesn't act spoiled or go crazy when things aren't (symmetrical) perfect. She's comfortable with her brothers OCD, but is worried that he's not going to make enough friends or get married because of his disorder. Diane tries to be a good sister and help her brother's OCD go away.

Her and kid don't intentionally fight. The two get along really well and are close. They both share a room. But Diane can't seem to decorate her side of the room without her brother trying to make everything symmetrical. Kid often yells at Diane when things aren't perfect. But she doesn't seem to argue with him back. She follows whatever rule her brother tells her to do so he won't freak out about things not being perfect. 

Diane doesn't like it when people treat her like a queen. She likes people treating her like everyone else.


Maka has a deep respect for Diane, since she is Death's daughter. She calls her Ms. Death. When Diane tells Maka to do something from her father Death, Maka says yes m'am or no m'am agree. But Diane wants Maka to treat her like everyone else.Edit


  • Diane can't talk, so she has to use sign language to communicate.
  • The only people that can only understand Diane are: Justin Law, Maka, Soul eater, Death the kid, The Thompson sisters, The Italian brothers, Death, Tsubaki, and Stitches.
  • She and kid share the same room.
  • Diane does not have OCD or any other disorder like her symmetrical brother.
  • Kid is 5 minutes older than Diane. But she's taller than him.
  • Even though there are kids of Death. Diane's last name is reaper while her brother is name "Death the kid."
  • It is said that she wanted to be a scythe meister, but her brother was so symmetrical he wanted her to have two guns like him, since they're twins.
  • Diane can wield a scythe. Cause it was seen she can wield Soul.
  • Diane has asthma. And a severe allergic reaction to cats of all kinds.