Drake Dooley is currently the 1 Star Meister of Bonita Baca. He grew up in Death City and dreams of becoming the most powerful meister who ever attended Shibusen.


Drake was raised in Death City, Nevada, though he was born in some small town in the state of Louisiana while his parents, Martha and Jacob Dooley were vacationing. He first gained his dream of becoming a meister when his father took him to DWMA as a special treat for being good, and he refused to stop talking about it ever since.

He was 11 years old when he first discovered that he was a meister. His parents were overjoyed, but did not want to enroll their child in the Shinigami's service at such young age. They told him that he would be enrolled on his 13th birthday, conveniently the first day for new Shibusen students to sign up.

Only days before his 12th birthday, and his father experienced a run in with a Kishin named Leatherface and his father was killed. Drake attempted to kill the Kishin in a fit of blind rage, but was quickly defeated and only seconds away from being killed. At the last second, Sean "Biscuit" Tiscuit intervened, managing to injure and drive away the Kishin, but not kill it. Biscuit then took a distressed Drake, who was cradling his father's soul to his chest, to the hospital. It was shortly after this horrific event that Drake developed the ability to feel other people's negative and painful emotions, and shortly afterwords he gained his pain manipulation abilities.

He and his remaining family, his mother and younger sister Kalla, lived an awkward life together until Kalla was sent away to a California Arts school to pursue her talent in painting.


Drake describes himself as a "100% white guy", with messy brown hair, bright hazel eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Drake is 5'8 height-wise and very skinny. He has a muscular build, though not overly muscular, with a 6 pack, and slightly defined arm and leg muscles.


Bonita Baca-- Drake is Bonita's meister, and the second person she ever took the compatibility test with. Though he seemingly unintentionally annoyed her at first, he has grown on the weapon and they have formed a fast friendship. Bonita seems willing to support him at his dream of becoming one of the most powerful meisters to ever attend Shibusen, and he seems to appreciate this. He is willing to give Bonita lessons on how to fight and function as a meister, and though he does care for her safety in battle, he doesn't hold back.