Flame Lee is a neko with several powers. She is currently about 20, and Death The Kid's cat.

Personality Edit

Flame is a sweet Neko that will do anything for her friends, but at times, she is shy.

Appearance Edit

She has red hair, brown cat ears/cat tail, and red eyes. She sometimes wears capes.

Abilities Edit

Some of her abilities are, but are not limited to-

-Being able to transform into a cat Edit

This power is similar to Blair's.

-Reversing time when needed Edit

She has done this on several occasions when something has happened to her Friends/ Family.

-Ability to somewhat control fire Edit

Occasionally, she'll stat playing with fire, sometimes making beautiful patterns with the fire.

History Edit

The neko's parents had been killed, making the neko and her siblings have to run away. After running for a long time, she had to rest. Resting on the bench, Kid (Death The Kid) found the neko, and since then, they have been growing closer and closer each day.

Relationships Edit

Death the Kid- Edit

The neko is considered as the reaper's cat, but they're also best friends. Flame has also said often to the reaper that she loves him, sometimes she'll kiss him.

Blair- Edit

Her and Blair are best friends, yet they haven't seen each other in a few years.

Soul "Eater" Evans- Edit

It has been slightly hinted that she might also like him.

Involved Fanfictions/Roleplays Edit

Flame has her own twitter account just for her, and roleplays that she's in are found on there.

Weaknesses Edit

If Kid insults her, she starts crying, runs away, or both.