"I'm your weapon, Sukina, and I would die for you."

Appearance Edit

Ghost Evans, the daughter of Maka Albarn and Soul "Eater" Evans, has red-orange spiky hair with bangs that cover her right eye. She has blue eyes and long eye lashes. In her mouth, she has one tooth and the back of her mouth that is shark-like, like her father. On her head, Ghost has a beanie, given to her as a present from her dad. Soul had the beanie embroidered. On the upper left side of the beige beanie, it has a blue patch, and in cursive writing it spells "Ghost". The patch is light blue, with outer lining being a darker blue, along with the thread that spells out her name. On the left bottom of Ghost's beanie, Ghost has Soul's E•A•T sticker, given to her to add to her "coolness". (At least that's what Soul says)

Ghost has a maroon hoodie, with two yellow stripes on her elbow area, and two where her stomach is, right above the pocket. The hood usually stays down. Yellow also trims the edges. Ghost is assumed to have a yellow tank top underneath her hoodie according to the chapter, "The Exam......DUN DUN DAHH!" in the fanfiction "Half Souled" Ghost has blue jeans, and knee high black converse. She laces them and unlaces them...a lot..

Ghost is a weapon. She is a double ended, double sided, red and black axe.

Personality Edit

Ghost is a spunky, pranking, noodle-loving 15 year old girl. She likes making friends, like her meister, Sukina Stein, Death the kid Junior (or just Junior), and Toku. She tries to cheat on homework, makes noodles 24/7, She visits her dad every Friday. Ghost is very rarely sad, she tries to stay optimistic, especially around Sukina.

Relationships Edit

Ghost's father is Soul Eater Evans, and her mother is Maka Albarn. Her partner is Sukina Stein, and her boyfriend is Death the Kid Junior (or just Junior).

Involved Fanfictions Edit

You will see Ghost Evans in the wattpad series, Half Souled. She is a main character.

Fun facts Edit

Warning to Half Souled readers, SPOILERSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit

you HAVE been warned!!! Edit

·Ghost's original name was Spirit, until @swaggybrayj forgot that was her grandfather's name.

·Ghost's mother, Maka was originally supposed to die in the hospital.

·Ghost was supposed to be a meister.

·The only reason Ghost has a noodle obsession is because @swaggybrayj could not think of another food when role-playing.

·Ghost originally had arm warmers underneath her hoodie.

·Ghost had freckles at one point.