Girl is the scariest character on the show. And is everyones worse fear.


Threw out her entire life, Girl has caused nothing but hatred and fear. She looks into anyones eyes and causes them to be frightened. She is very hostile and cold blooded. Everyone (Expect Stitches) is terrified of her.


Girl is very hostile and cold blooded. Does not care about anyone not even herself. She loves to trick people and cause them pain. She has a suffering voice. As if she is dying.


Girl hates ever human being on the planet.

Maka AlbarnEdit

Due to Maka being brave, her and Girl don't have a good relationship. After Girl looked into her worst fear, Maka was in a world of fear standing stiff cold. And being afraid of girl the entire show.


Girl is wearing a white shirt and white pants as is she escaped from a mental hospital. She has black long wet hair covering her entire face. And very white pale skin. In the past series was she seen wearing a strap jacket.


  • Stitches is the only character on the show who can defeat Girl.
  • Stitches is the only character on the show who is not afraid of her.
  • Stitches mentioned on the show that she defeated Girl in the past. Since she is 13, it might be that Girl might be the same age as her.
  • Girls personality is very similar to Samara from the ring.
  • Since Girl hates every human being on the planet. Girls last words to her was "I hate everyone on this planet. But not you Stitches Stein."