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Coinneach Shaw of Tordarroch (コインネアク•シャウ•オフ•トルダっロク - Koinneaku Shau ofu Torudarroku) who's mostly known as Kenneth Vanderboom (ケンネト•ウアンデルボオム - Kenneto Uanderuboomu) is a 14-year old student meister at Shibusen (DWMA), and partner to Damian Gramitzky. He is neither male nor female, he's both also called "Bigender". His body is 100% female, the pronouns are he/him.


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As young child, Kenneth was an orphan in Scotland until he was adopted at the age of 7. Thanks to his adoptive parents he's now a part of the scottish clan "Shaw of Tordarroch". His biological parents and possible biological siblings are unknown. His adoptive father trained him in handling with the weapons of a soldier, like landmines, trench knifes, bayonets and several guns. To be useful for the world, or to be useful at all, he joined the DWMA.


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•wayward •stubborn •sassy •moody •crazy •intelligent •impulsive •curious •chaotic •devoted


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Kenneth is with 4"7'/144 cm very short for his age. He has orange-brown spiky hair. His left eye is grey and the right one is sewn up. He lost a tooth on the top right and one on the botzom left side of his mouth. He has scars on the right cheek, the neck, the dekoltee, the right wrist and a few on his arms and legs. He also has piercings trough his nose, on the right side of his lips and on the top of his ears.

He wears a light grey top with a hood and a white-red rombus on the belly. Underneath he wears a black chest binder to flatten his female chest. He also wears black shorts, stockings with green and purple stripes and blue-white chucks. And last but not least a green-red ushanka on his head, a gold-brown collar and black arm warmers.


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Soul "Eater" Evans - best friend

Maka Albarn - enemy

Black Star - boyfriend (Later on)

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa - friend

Death the Kid - friend

Patricia "Patti" Thompson - friend

Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson - aquaintance

Kilik Rung - best friend

Pot of Fire - aquaintance

Pot of Thunder - aquaintance

Kimial "Kim" Diehl - enemy

Jacqueline "Jackie" O. Lantern Dupre - aquaintance

Ox Ford - enemy

Harvar D. Éclair - aquaintance

Involved Fanfictions/RoleplaysEdit

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He is involved in the open roleplay of the german Soul Eater Amino App

And also some private roleplays with friends


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Because of his high body temperature he gets fever very easily. He doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. His endurance is very bad.


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Because of his high body temperature he can spend a long time in cold areas. He's almost as good as Black Star in martial arts. He can run short distances very fast.


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•  He doesn't always wear his hat, because it's too hot for him.

•  He always smells like moss, why is unknown.

•  Kenny's birthday is October 13, making him a libra.

•  He scored 39 in the Ultimate Written Exam.

•  He's ambidextrous.

•  His blood type is B.

•  His favourite foods are any kind of fish. But he hates quark, yogurt and cereals.

•  Only he and his (adoptive) family knows why his right eye is sewd up and he doesn't answer questions about it.

•  His body temperature is naturally higher than normal. The normal body temperature is between 97,7 Fahrenheit/36,5 Grad Celsius and 99,32 Fahrenheit/37,4 Grad Celsius. But Kenny's body temperature is normally 102,74 Fahrenheit/39,3 Grad Celsius where you usually have a high fever.

•  He hates cooking, that's why he often eats raw fruits and vegetables and also loves sushi.

•  He got the scar on his right cheek from Doctor Stein who wanted to dissect him and started with the cheek.

•  He's Bigender but he usually changes in the Boy's locker room. He doesn't uses the shower in the DWMA so he doesn't have to choose.