Laura Conrads (ローラ·コンラッド - Rōra Konraddo) is a meister, born in Death City.

Laura Portrait


She has long brown hair and green eyes. She wears a white jacket, blue jeans and black shoes.


She's brave, smart and pretty friendly with everyone, even trough she can go mad if someone teases her. Her knowledge is sometimes better than Ox Ford's.


After her parent's death, a mad scientist, known as "Dimitri", which knew about her skills, kidnapped her, to rip off from her body powers, soul and knowledge, as he wanted to become more powerful. But after Dimitri tried to do so, she auto-defensed her body, without even noticing it, cutting off the man's arm, but after, she fainted. Dimitri placed her into a glass protective dome, planning on taking a little piece of everyeach of her skills, since he couldn't take all of them out in one time.

After some days, the facts arrived at the DWMA, and it became a "Mission" on the school's notice-board. At the first, Black☆Star and Soul Eater Evans wanted to try and solve the mission, but Sid Barret stopped them, saying the mission was already taken by Shinigami-sama's son, Death The Kid, wich didn't do a mission in a quite amount of time.

As Kid and the Thompson Sisters found her, Dimitri had already escaped. When Laura came out of the glass dome, she thanked them for saving them and introduced herself. Anyway, Kid stared at her for a second, and realized she was symmetrical. So he started to be a bit stalker-like, trying to find out her perfection's secret, but he didn't discover anything.

Soon, Kid started to feel something more for her, not only love for her symmetry, but love for her. For her personality, her way of being.

At the Shibusen, she also met Blaze Celeste Darklight, wich became her weapon later on.


She can do the Soul Resonance with Blaze and has somekind of telekinesis power.


Death The Kid - Boyfriend (Later on)

Blaze Celeste Darklight - Weapon Partner


She has arachnophobia, so she's scared of spiders.


She can resist to hard hits or cuts.