Red Star, also called as Soya is a member of the Star Clan and also one of its survivors. His Demon Weapon is the long-katana Zaronbasha, and he is a Master Shadow Maister.
Flame Dimension Ninja

Red Star, alongside Zaronbasha

History Edit

Red Star's is one of the survivors of the Star Clan. With Red Start's information, he revealed that he is in fact an Half Star, being the son of an Star Clan Member with a normal human.

Red Star's attended to go to the Weapon Meister Academy, where he was one of the most talent and dangerous pupils on the school. It was in Death Weapon Meister Academy that he formed the group of the most talented Meister Users: Dragon Force. Being their leader, Red Star can't be underestimated, because he is a powerful and dangerous Shadow Master

Personality Edit

Soya has an cheerful and charismatic personality, but he can be cold with humans ,just like his father. Also, he appears to have very childish humor and words. Soya doesn't like evil and he will purified all evil he finds in his way. He is also very arrogant, saying that no one can dodge his skills and that his abilities are the best of all.

Appearance Edit



Soya is a fifteen years old teenager with red and blue spiky hair. He have red eyes like his mother and the shape are from his father. He wears a purple long scarf and has a Dark Tattoo on his right shoulder, he has also have a pair of red long bandages, that are finished in his fingers. He wears an green coat without sleeves and also an yellow fur bell. Finally he wears trousers with blue marks and a pair of dark shoes with red lines

Abilities Edit

Great Strategic: Red Star is intelligent in battles and before he does a attack, he will think is strategies first.

Expert Swordsman: Red Star's Weapon is a long-Katana, called Zaronbasha. He is an expert swordsman, being even better against the bests.

Enchanted Flexibility: Soya as large flexibility, doing great moves in combat.

Trivia Edit

- Red Star is also a OC Fairy Tail named Soya, created by the TsunaDeagonOC