Before submitting your OC, please read these guidelines so we do not have to take your page down.


No sexually explicit content or cursing in text.

Keep pictures clean, no vajayjays, dingdongs, or boobies out in the open and looking at everybody.

Keep relationships in the Soul Eater universe. We can't have Ms. Mary Sue running around and being best friends with Lucy Heartfillia from Fairy Tail.

Refrain from talking about how all-powerful your character is in your entire page. Ex: Frederik is so powerful that he can shoot lasers from his eyebrows that can destory the entire continent of Africa. He also can break a man's neck by lifting his pinky and plucking a booger from his nose, and then flinging on said man. Oh, and that's not all, he's stronger than the entire Soul Eater cannon cast and has actually killed each one with both legs tied behind his back and his eyes blindfolded.

No talking about how your OC murdered any of the cannon characters in Soul Eater.

Please have at least 3 sections on your characters page. Just listing their name, age, and hair color isn't enough. Here is a few topics that you could have on your character's page.






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