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Death the Kid and Sivanah.

Sivanah Blackwood (シバナ ブラックウッド, Shibana Burakkuuddo) is a witch who first appears in the Arc "The Illusion-Maker's Game - Forest of Madness". She plays as the main antagonist for the entirety of the rather short arc before being revealed as more of a playful type and an overall trickster. She is punished for technically kidnapping meister and weapons for her game and her freedom is restricted because of her actions before being slowly accepted as an ally upon striking a friendship and deal with Lord Death after her punishment was complete and by being very cooperative due to willingly desiring peace over a war of madness and magic. She becomes a third party ally to the DWMA when proven to be willingly harmless towards humans and meisters alike once her personality is delved into deeper.

Appearance Edit

Sivanah is thinly built and just a bit shorter than Death the Kid by the end of the manga and in the anime. She appears to be a very young witch as she is only 14/15 years old, like most of the students, and has pale skin and a soft complexion. She is most notable for having full-heterochromia, a rare genetic defect. It is commented on negatively and/or positively by others and seems to reflect her magic theme. Sivanah's right eye is blue, and her left eye is green. However, her left eye has some problems seeing clearly without the other being used alongside it. Due to this genetic defect, her left eye can sometimes cause problems for her and will become infected on rare occasions especially if dust or dirt is excessively present in her eyes. 

Sivanah's second most notable feature is her strawberry blonde hair. She wears it in pigtails that start at her shoulders and flows down to her calves. Her fringe or bangs are uneven on both sides of her face with a couple of pieces centered beneath her witches hat. Her hat is her third most notable feature and is pitch black in color and cat themed. With cat-like ears stitched onto either side for decoration, it's made quite obvious. Her hat's "tail" curves and dangles down in the back with a bell attached at the end. This bell is what she uses to activate most of her magic when resonating with her chant or mantra.

Sivanah wears a gray dress which comes up to her bust with cat ear-like shaped fabric covering her breasts and provides support. The dress ends with fringes that just barely cover her bloomers which she tinted the same color as her bell, which she made fashionable and cute. She wears brown flat-heeled boots and an adorned tail on her bloomers that can often be mistaken to be real until given a closer look. The tail is often mistaken for real due to an enchantment which gives it sparring personality to match her own and will occasionally react with her if her emotions are strong in that situation.

While her freedom is restricted during her punishment, Death the Kid keeps her close to keep an eye on her. For convenience, he adorns her bare neck with a black collar that has a bell attached so he could always know where she was. This makes her very noticeable so she has to improve her evasion and combat skills to prevent injury and become more powerful in order to protect herself.
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Sivanah's appearance, soul, and expanded soul.


Sivanah's SoulEdit

Sivanah's soul, when looked upon normally, shows an average witch's soul with a purple tint that signifies her pull of magic and trickster type playfulness. It glows slightly and shows obvious signs of having an inconsistent and very spastic wavelength. When Sivanah's soul expands during a battle, it appears rippled or rigid around the edges of the sphere that overall forms the shape of a golden bell. These ripples signify her soul's inconsistent wavelength. ==Personality== Sivanah is a very playful witch and also referred to as a trickster. She enjoys using the forested area near Baba Yaga's Castle to use one's mind to create an illusion to manipulate her targets into playing a game with her in her Illusion World. She finds joy and entertainment in playing games which is why she creates this Illusion World for people to come upon and be forced to play her "game". She personally enjoys seeing the squabbling of friends as she is very lonely herself and hides her desire for friends behind this sadistic form of entertainment as she tries to tear meister and weapon(s) apart to see how well they truly trust one another. While being a twisted game, it can test the true bond between meister and weapon and strengthen that bond if they can stop squabbling enough to find their way to the center.

She is not one to be a sore loser as she couldn't care less if she won or lost as long as the game was played. She tends to seem more harmful at first with her sadistic nature while actually being very empathetic of others and not truly evil; only showing malice towards meisters and weapons due to them willingly trying to kill witches to become a Death Scythe. Although Sivanah originally feared Lord Death, she comes to have a deep respect for him because of how he governs the world and likes peace over the madness Asura, Arachne, Noah (Greed), Noah (Wrath), Medusa, and many others bring to the world. As for Kid, she doesn't come to fear him until he tries to fight her in the Illusion World in which the group went to, to kill her as they original believed she was with Arachnophobia. This was before the Attack on Baba Yaga's Castle Arc or the Book of Eibon Arc. After Kid manages to hit her with one of his soul bullets, she becomes injured as the Illusion World drains her the more minds she has to force the illusion onto before they weaken enough where she can continue to maintain more easily. She insists that if he killed her, they wouldn't find a way out and he wouldn't be able to find his friends to save them as well. In turn, this forced him to play the sadistic game for her amusement. 

Sivanah deeply fears death and will try to hide this phobia, unless she's in extreme danger or her friends need help. She and will do whatever it takes to keep herself and her friends alive if it doesn't involve destroying someone of innocence to the situation. She dislikes the reckless or unnecessary killing of others as she herself would not want to be killed without a proper grounding reason and even insists that Lord Death has the right to execute her if she betrays them for any reason to aid the enemy. It was made very apparent that this was true when Kid was in a tight spot where she had the chance to kill him and his friends in her Illusion World, but chose to be a person of her word and play the game fairly with them which proved trustworthy potential and how honest she actually was in nature. She often keeps her promises, but it depends on the situation. However, her pull of magic can bring her to be more tricky and cunning in order to get her way at times while she never actively harms anyone to get what she desires. Her manipulative ways can be as simple as petty theft of food or items only to return them when asked and properly punished for her behavior. Another way is using her eyes and a sad face in order to "cute" her way into getting what she desires, but this is rarely used and it doesn't work with more mature or particularly evil people and most adults (Kid, Stein, Spirit, Maka, Lord Death; Medusa, Arachne, and Asura for example). Her favorite thing to do is tease others and try to strike a reaction out of them to amuse herself. Sivanah can be very generous with her actions but tends to embarrassedly and openly denying she has done anything kind or helpful for a person in need while trying to act more evil in certain situations before she is punished and recruited. She was very hesitant in her social actions and reactions towards others or in making friends in which she tended to be very stubborn as stated previously. She truly isn't isn't an evil witch but when she was more sadistic and mischievous, she often tried to keep a high standing in the witch community until she decided to break free and do as she pleased. She had already done this, however, by the time her arc takes place. While she will not betray her fellow witches, she is not so loyal to the witch community that she would help the likes of Medusa Gorgon or her sister, Arachne in order to possess power. She also showed and continues to show no desire to negatively effect or rule the world. 

Sivanah is hinted to have signs of developing a crush on Death the Kid which one can be easily oblivious of until she reveals her feelings subtly the more Kid begins to realize she just wanted friends of her own and people who would care for her since the witch community is not the best place for having support and friends without a catch. By the end of the series, she thought very highly of Kid and mostly treated him in a very respectful manner. It is also confirmed by Kid that with her evil being non-existant, she was most likely incapable of causing a threat to the DWMA or allied parties which saved her from having her soul taken and in turn she became a third party ally to face Medusa and Arachne with, plus the Kishin if they needed magical powers to aid them. Risa and Arisa followed in a similar deal with Lord Death sometime after Sivanah did.

Underneath a very cunning, manipulative, and seemingly strong exterior, Sivanah is kind, empathetic, is shown to have sympathy for people who have been hurt or done wrong, and refuses to be affected by the madness of the Kishin in order to keep a trusting bond with the DWMA so she can remain allies with the group and finally have friends. However, she is very self-conscious around Death City at first because she would most likely be stigmatized, and felt as such because she is a witch. She grows bitter with those who judge her and tries to ignore their suspicion even a hate for witches is justified due to how many were taught for years to target and kill witches—not befriend them. 

After her freedom is less restricted, she excessively played pranks to hide her desire for friends, and hid her true self and often got small punishments for it, though since the pranks were simple and harmless, Lord Death found them funny at times but that didn't excuse her punishment when it caused too much trouble. While her playfulness can be considered harmless and fun loving, it can become very annoying when it's not expressed at the right time.   

Relations & Relationships Edit

Maka Albarn & Soul Eater Evans 

Upon first impression, Maka believed the students that went missing had been harmed or even killed by Sivanah before they appeared at the center of the forest once Sivanah's wavelength was put under her soul protect spell. After this, Maka was more willing to trust her due to having told the truth and not having actually harmed any of the students which prevented accusation of being referred to as a killer or murderer. Since she had not taken any human souls, Maka grew to warm up to her after initially growing quite agitated by her pranks and tricks in order to entertain herself. Sivanah would even steal things from Maka to tease her but would always return them when she was done playing. Upon further realization of Sivanah's true personality, Maka grew more fond of her and treated her as she did anyone else which included getting angry at her just like she would at anyone else and forgiving her if she deserved it and because they were friends. 

Sivanah often disliked goody-goodies like Maka and played pranks on her and teased her because of it. However, after the two got to know each other better, Sivanah would try to associate with Maka more often and would be invited to Maka's for dinner and often thanked for her kindness which she denied having as Sivanah was very stubborn and it was hard to admit her kindness to others. Maka taught Sivanah how to forgive and love her friends and how to accept a variety of people as well.

Soul originally had one assumption about Sivanah and was simply put that he believed she was nothing but pure evil, unknowing of what she did with the other students, and desiring the soul of a witch for his meal and to obtain the level of a death scythe. Upon meeting her at the center of the forest, he began to notice her mannerisms were less malicious and more tricky and playful which brought him to become curious of her motives, yet he still desired her soul as payment for the time wasted inside the forest for a witch who wasn't even evil. Upon further affiliation and time spent with her, Soul found her pranks and tricks funny when not pulled on him, but also a pain in the butt when done too much or towards him. He finds her personality rather interesting and knows she has good intentions despite being stubborn in admitted her own kindness.

Sivanah original had no solid assumption or view upon Soul as she just wanted pawns to play her game with her. After allying with Lord Death, she comes to see how "cool" Soul is and prefers to be and finds his chivalry admirable while also being a tad too apathetic at times. She enjoys how laid back he is and came to find it easy to get along with him even if he was sometimes a loudmouth when paired with Black Star.

Black Star & Tsubaki

Black Star came to find his first impression of her was very two dimensional. He wanted to kill her and take her soul in order to prove to Soul that he was better than him at the time and to boost his huge ego. He could care less about how it was done as long as he took her soul and made Tsubaki a death scythe (which would be difficult since he never collects a single soul). After her alliance to Lord Death, Black Star was able to immediately consider her part of the group since it was easily black and white to him on the concept of good and evil. If she was allied with Lord Death, she wasn't evil. If she betrayed them, he would take her down himself. It was that simple to him. He enjoyed her pranks against others but often disliked being humiliated himself if she played a prank on him, though, he would always brush it off very easily and go back to being friends with her. He considers her a good friend, even though he dislikes her taking attention away from him at times.

Sivanah originally believed Black Star to be too cocky and self-centered to be of any use to his weapon partner nor did she believe he had the skills to face her or anyone else. She was proven wrong after experiencing his skills first hand when he fought other meisters on campus as he did on a daily basis to prove his skill and boost his ego. She comes to find it unbearably annoying at times while also admiring his stamina, his protectiveness and love of his friends, and how sensitive he can actually be while denying it upfront while overshadowing it by bragging about his skills and how he was going to defeat God one day. She finds him to be someone she can look to for inspiration, albeit he is also an idol in showing what not to do at times when he gets himself into trouble.

Tsubaki had no aggression towards Sivanah originally but was determined to help Black Star take her soul if need be. Upon meeting sivanah, she seemed to suspect doubt within the witch and that her trickery wasn't as evil as they'd first assumed it would be. Once allies, she came to treat Sivanah as she would anyone else and even talked to her when she was feeling down or unconfident with herself. Tsubaki cares for her and wishes she wouldn't be so self-conscious when dealing with others and knew Sivanah would become the most sociable out of all of them one day. He pranks tend to annoy Tsubaki, but it's always in her nature to forgive and seek a compromise instead of confronting her and causing more trouble.

Sivanah originally knew of Tsubaki's strength just by looking at her patience with her partner. She found her to be a curious person and her kindness seemed to know no limit while being capable of knocking sense into Black Star when need be. After her alliance was formed, she would often run into Tsubaki approaching her upon sensing her self-consciousness due to being judged for being a witch regardless of her alliance with Lord Death. Tsubaki has taken good care of Sivanah and she appreciates that more than she could imagine and looks up to Tsubaki as her biggest role model even though she'll never be able to take away her own trickster ways and will always cause some form of trouble.

Death the Kid & the Thompson Sisters

Upon first impressions, Kid was determined to keep his assumption of all witches being capable of nothing but evil as per his previous experiences due to Medusa causing chaos of her own. Upon their first encounter with Kid, he was quick to draw his weapons and interrogate her for a reason as to why she had kidnapped other students and what she had done with them only to bring out a defiant nature in Sivanah because of his negativity. After injuring her, he began seeing a sense of dread and fear from her which seemed odd to him as he didn't believe she'd be so foolish as to show herself to the enemy so openly and with such trust. After her revealing to have not harmed the students and upon hearing how they'd ended up bringing upon their own troubles due to squabbling from exhaustion, he finds that her sadistic game was fueled by her hatred of meisters and weapons due to her fear of death by a meister and their weapon. Even with her malicious game, he was dumbfounded as to why she didn't take advantage of them and kill them to strengthen herself before it became apparent that she was very cooperative with his father and proved trustworthy. Once he noticed her kind gestures, regardless of her denying them, he came to find himself developing an innate curiosity of her behavior and wished to delve deeper to find more answers about who she was and why she acted the way she did. This connection and how she affects Kid, in particular, was helpful in making the two connect as more than friends in the manga. Even if Kid also gets pranked by her at times where she makes asymmetrical illusions and even while she herself is asymmetrical in some of her aesthetics, he learns to accept her his ally, friend, and eventual girlfriend after several years pass from Asura's defeat and Kid becoming Lord Death (in the manga). This brings a challenging aspect of friendship for the two opposites which proved useful in some ways. They each helped one another to think on their feet, give each other a sparring/fighting partner, and helps them both see the world in a new light by learning to have a little fun at times and how to be serious and be able to focus. Her kindness struck a cord and allowed him to slowly but surely open up to her as long as she proved trustworthy. As for Kid, he was often patient with her even when she pulled pranks on him. Even if he did scold her for the asymmetrical illusions to his room and notes, he comes to bring a comforting and strong presence for her as she brings a playful and cunning presence which has its charm. The two came to have a solid crush on each other by the end of the manga (this is expressed solely as a strong friendship in the anime). The two don't officially date till several years later. Every relationship is a challenge and even with their differences, they become a healthy challenge for each other as Sivanah shows that she is truly very accepting and that Kid needs to be more accepting of himself. Kid, in turn, shows Sivanah that she also needs to be more accepting of herself and that they would both open new possibilities to the future as they grow up. 

Sivanah very early on resented Death the Kid and his partners due to the fact he was powerful and overly judgemental towards who he thought she really was. Upon their first encounter, she became afraid when he injured her but continued her goal to test his bond between himself and his weapons as well as his friends. When Sivanah became allied with his father, she noticed Kid seemed to become more patient with her as if to observe her behavior. She noticed he seemed unsure of who she truly was and desired answers so she allowed herself to open up over time the more Kid developed a trusting relationship with her. She found his desire for symmetry quite annoying, however, but didn't mind how asymmetrical he was and how he didn't judge her based on her asymmetrical appearance. She grew comfortable around him and desired his attention so she played tricks on him more often as the only way she knew to acquire that attention. As the story continued, she found herself developing a crush on Kid and was unsure how to admit her feelings to him and originally believed she shouldn't express her true feelings at all until he finally fully broke the ice and she was able to convince herself to open up fully and explain her reasons for her actions and her games. She often sought to support Kid and his friends because she fell in love with Death City and its people, even if some didn't like her for being a witch.

Liz and Patty originally only knew Kid's opinion on Sivanah and didn't see any reason to disagree with him and followed through with his decisions as usual. They had no problem in helping Kid injure her but noticed her fear and reluctance to hurt them after she was wounded. Liz spoke up after Kid allowed Sivanah to get away so they would be able to find an exit from the forest. Liz brought up the fact that she seemed scared and her eyes expressed a reluctance to bring harm to them in which Kid replied that he noticed the same thing and had similar suspicions and even more questions because of it. Patty was eager to find out the answers to these questions as her innate curiosity brought a desire to follow Liz and Kid to the witch to find out more about her while seeming blissfully unaware of the danger that Kid originally suspected of Sivanah. After Sivanah's alliance with Lord Death was formed, Liz and Patty sat back and followed Kid in his desire to get to know her, though Kid seemed to hide his research from his own weapon partners as he'd done with other things to sedate his own curiosity. This only made Liz and Patty more curious. Liz grew annoyed whenever Sivanah pranked Kid while Patty only laughed at his reactions to the asymmetrical illusions she caused on him which caused his usual meltdowns. While Liz mostly found her pranks to be annoying, Patty found joy and entertainment in them as Sivanah did. Eventually, Liz began to notice Kid's curiosity for Sivanah seemed more like he desired something more than friendship and caught on to Sivanah's feelings as well. It was mostly due to her once having experienced a crush before while still on the streets where she forced a guy to go out with her just because she liked him. Currently, Liz tries to talk to Sivanah and get to know her better while Patty doesn't exactly care about anything except the fact that she enjoys her as a friend.

Sivanah had no assumptions or views upon the Thomspon sister other than they were sickeningly loyal to their meister which she despised. She tried to drive the group apart but with no success. Upon finding out that the two were twin pistols, she tried to separate one of the sisters from each other to make Kid become unable to use his weapons at all. After their alliance, she noticed Liz trying to figure her out and coming up to her more to try and hang out with her since Maka and Tsubaki weren't really into shopping or doing girly things. While Sivanah did like accessories and playing with her hair, she didn't like shopping too much but would go anyway in response to Liz's acts of friendship and general kindness. Sivanah came to quickly enjoy Patty, however, due to appreciating her sense of humor and how fun loving she was. He ditziness was a bit much, but it didn't seem to be bothersome overall. She has come to love Liz and Patty like big sisters of her own.

Professor Stein, Teachers, & the Death Scythes

Not having too much contact with Sivanah, the adults tended to not find too much suspicion of her after learning of her from Lord Death and seeing how willingly she cooperated and learned she was just a playful trickster who came to have no ill will towards anyone. They understood her reason for having a grudge against the academy and commonly agreed her punishment was enough as she became very loyal very quickly due to a desire to have friends of her own and wanting to be accepted. While Stein desired to dissect her, he did find her curiosity and playfulness rather intriguing and it didn't often bother him as she didn't interrupt his class or even take classes at the DWMA due to not being able to be a student with her lack of compatibility with any weapon. Spirit found her troublesome but cute and was easily swayed by her pleading and manipulative behavior on several occasions as long as he knew she wasn't causing excessive trouble. For example, if she wanted something, she could usually get him to give it to her as long as she agreed to behave. Marie finds her to be very cute and like how playful she is though she dislikes her recklessness along with the rest of the students' reckless actions on occasions due to easily loving the people around her. The other Death Scyths had their suspicions as did faculty and Sid but overall came to see she was just a trickster and not an evil witch at all. Her powers and skills were also useful and admirable to she became more accepted by more adults than students outside Maka and her friends.

Sivanah never had any ill will towards the teachers, Professor Stein, Spirit, or the other Death Scythes. She focused more on her friends and occasionally manipulated Spirit with trivial desires of items or tricking him into believing Maka wanted something and taking the money or item for herself before she felt guilty and spent the money on Maka after all or gave Maka the gift. She was somewhat afraid of Professor Stein before coming to warm up to him after the madness had dissipated and saw how kindhearted he was under his scientist mentality.

Witches, Noah (Greed & Wrath), Gopher, Giriko, & other villains

Sivanah originally had no opinion or care about what any other witches or people did around her. Upon allying with Lord Death, however, she came to desire an end to the threats that would prevent her from having friends and a new "family" to grow up with. The ones she feared the most were Medusa, Asura, and the Noahs while having hate and disdain for Arachne, Gopher, Giriko, and Justin upon his betrayal of Lord Death.

Medusa found her to be of no use and many of the others could care less what happened to her. However, she temporarily allies with Noah (Greed) and successfully plays the part of his ally and doing whatever she needed to, to keep suspicion away from her as Lord Death asked to keep her cover. Since she was very good as trickery and manipulation, it wasn't easy, but it also wasn't impossible to gain Noah's trust by doing something he asked of her even though she regretted her decision and even cried about what she'd done in front of Lord Death, her friends, and especially Kid.

Eruka, Free, and the Mizunes actually liked her playful personality as it brought some entertainment to the table when she taunted Medusa at her own risk for the sake of distraction and her own enjoyment when fighting alongside her friends. Free somewhat had a difficult relation with her after peace was brought between witches and humans alike due to being natural opposites (Sivanah being cat-like with Free being wolf-like). Eruka would take part in pranks to entertain herself and even accept punishment if it went too far while the Mizune sisters often went along with the pranks as well, teaming up and using their mouse transformation to help with tricky operations. All three parties made sure to not harm anyone while playing pranks and tricks and simply aimed for a god laugh and not for malicious intentions. 

Lord Death 

In the end, the group found her game brought a fun challenge after the time of her punishment for her little game. Lord Death saw this taught them to better trust each other and value the worth of their weapon(s)/meister to the point of a truly unbreakable bond for both the group and the individual partners involved. With Lord Death seeing some good from the outcome of Sivanah's originally sadistic game, he feels he can find a usefulness for her game in a new and helpful light which also allows her to become an ally of the DWMA as the two strike a deal and she regains most of her freedom back due to showing no malice towards the DWMA after her punishment.  

(Lord Death has been known to strike a deal with witches, as shown when he makes a deal with Medusa as well as the Cabarets from Chupa Cabra's. If it benefits the city or the DWMA, he's willing to accept it. With her game, more meister and weapon partners could be tested to see how strong their bond is with one another and have a chance to strengthen it. If they fail, they will take remedial lessons on how to strengthen that bond). 

Once things become peaceful again, Lord Death lets her spend time with the students outside of classes because he thinks it would be helpful for them to get to know her and become friends with her in hopes of an eventual alliance with more witches who'd be willing to become good or neutral like the Cabarets. Because Lord Death also enjoys a bit of fun himself, he comes to find unusual charm in her playful behavior. He tends to enjoy her true nature more than her more sadistic and witch-like nature that she previously displayed.  

Background Edit

Sivanah was kept and raised by witches after her mother gave her up due to their family's past and her father's death which was caused by sivanah accidentally. In the witch's community, she was watched after until she turned 14 where she was then left to her own devices and abandoned by her foster mother. She began to study and use her family's magic after Mabaa gives her her family's textbooks and was allowed to make her own choices. She grew up learning her family's abilities and learned basic adaptability spells like Soul Protect. She soon discovers the truly selfish mentality of witches in which helping one another was almost always only for their best interests and not because they cared for each other in their own community. While there were alliances among witches, and some being friends amongst one another, living with them and learning about her family's dark past eventually lead her to become detached and somewhat afraid of the witches around her. She was revealed to be swayed by her pull of magic very early on and in the manga, even having some traces of borderline evil and sadistic tendencies to her but having a playful nature that many witches lacked. Once she was allied with the DWMA, in order to keep tabs on a bad cat, Death the Kid gives her her a bell collar after they win her game in her Illusion World to better keep track of her.
In the manga, she helps them get information on Arachne but avoids the Book of Eibon as she becomes afraid of Noah (Greed) after his fight with Kid. She manages to escape, but not without regret and goes to Lord Death to inform him of Noah having kidnapped Kid. She was encouraged by Lord Death to get involved from the outside and allow herself to be captured by Noah. With her cunning and intelligence, she manages to convince herself to be allied with Noah until he's killed and everyone is free from the chapters of the Book of Eibon. Once all was said and done, both Liz and Sivanah expressed their apologies and worry for Kid's safety.

Story Arc: The Illusion-Maker's Game - Forest of Madness == Sivanah enjoys playing games and created an Illusion World in a peculiar forest to play her game with passer-bys, expected or not. Once the rumors were spread and she planted the bait, the group hears from Lord Death about the rumors that a lot of meisters and their weapons were not returning to the DWMA after they were assigned to go capture and kill a witch who was spreading excessive "mischief" in unusual territory. Once they all arrived at the forest, Maka suggests they split up to cover more ground in which everything was fine before Soul and Black Star believed they'd be able to handle the mission with their partners before and without the others. Once Black Star and Soul cause squabbling, Kid disagreed with the race but bears ill feelings and some anger toward the two causing a problem during such an important mission. They proceed, separated with their partners, inside as the squabbling began once the groups became tired and lost. Sivanah's wavelength and their lack of awareness of it allowed her to manipulate the forest and created reflective surfaces on their surroundings to recreate the scenery they'd already seen as long as they argued or carried angry thoughts. With her wavelength active, however, her soul was clearly detectable yet this solved none of their problems.

Their objective was "whoever got to her first got to kill her first" and make one of their weapons a Death Scythe. However, they all wind up trapped within her illusion as she noticed they were all against one another upon monitoring all three groups with herself and two other copies of herself made by her magic. 

When they're good and lost, Sivanah appears before them. She informs that they'd be forever lost in the "Forest of Madness" if they didn't play her game. This comes off very negative to each group. As a result and a terrible mistake of her own, they attempt to take her down without a second thought in order to outdo the others. Once Black Star and Tsubaki, plus Soul and Maka, realize the one they're each fighting are just illusions, they hesitantly agree to play her game since they know no other way out upon finding out how difficult it was to escape on their own. Death the Kid, facing the real witch, actually manages to land a soul bullet on Sivanah and injures her. She then explains that all of his friends are also lost in the forest because of their own selfishness and that he nor they would be able to leave until they've played her game and would have to cooperate to win. She insists that Kid can try whatever he likes but he'd never find his way out on his own and he challenges her to see if that's true. He ends up finding that her supposed "lie" was actually the truth. Once Kid realizes his friends are in trouble as well, he worries about them and each group agrees to her rules which are simple, work "together" to find each other and regroup at the huge stump in the center of the forest.  

For the time being, the other "players" who had been trapped for several days were still trapped (unharmed) until the gang beat the game. Once they won, she would willingly let them go free without a second thought because she was never intending to kill anyone, she just wanted to play. The other meisters and their weapons were pawns to get bigger fish to play her game and entertain her playful and somewhat sadistic nature towards meister and weapon alike. Once the game begins, the more the groups would argue, the more lost they would become as each pair begins to grow tired and blame each other for the situation upon trying to reach the center of the forest. The more tired they grew, the more Sivanah could manipulate them through the forest without excessive strain. After a while, they all finally manage to cooperate in order to regain enough courage and strength to fight against what they weren't aware of to regroup.  

Round 2's rules are explained as she shows herself to the group. If they could solve her riddle, the game would be over and all involved would be set free from the forest's "trap". The riddle hinted that they were trapped in an illusion and they had to piece the puzzle together to realize that they were. Once they worked together to solve it, their awareness completely dispelled the illusion for all players involved, and everyone was set free and taken back to the DWMA for recuperation due to some dehydration, hunger, and at the worst, over exhaustion. After that, they took her to have an audience Lord Death who restricts her freedom and punishes her accordingly with. They all found out over time that she simply played these games with strangers because she lacked any friends and why she was sadistic towards meisters and weapon partners. The group agrees to Lord Death's deal with her due to the fact she told the truth from start to finish off the game, and never tried to kill anyone involved when she had the perfect chance while they were lost and weary from her illusions. 

When revisiting the plot in the series, the group actually admitted to liking the challenge as it was something different and hard to figure out. As agitating as they originally and still admitted it was as well, Lord Death pointed out that it proved useful for strengthening their soul resonance by learning to cooperate better in harsher conditions and that there was always room for improvement.  

Abilities Edit

All spells, except levitation, begin with three flicks of the bell on her hat as she chants her mantra.

Levitation Magic: A basic spell that is known by many witches in which only an incantation is only needed to allow a witch to levitate on their brooms or in Sivanah's case, household or other items and her magical bells among other things. She cannot levitate anyone other than objects. So in order to fly, she uses a large bell and levitates it while sitting atop it.

Soul Protect: An adaptive spell used by witches to hide their souls and make them appear human. This is crucial for witches, especially powerful ones, to have in order to avoid detection from meisters. She used this often except during the arc she appears in as the point of the game was to find her and answer her riddle. 

Illusion Magic: A semi-rare type of advanced magic known by a select few witches, the Kishin, and mastered by the Blackwood Family of witches. Most witches who use illusions use illusion magic to adapt to their wavelength. However, only the Blackwood Family carried a soul wavelength labeled as an illusion Wavelength which only needs conscious thought to maintain and almost a complete mastery of their powers. Being a trickster, Sivanah learned and used a lot of magic which caused her overall mastery of it to come closer and closer as time grew on. She never truly mastered her wavelength until after the madness from the Kishin was dispelled. 

Illusion Wavelength: Often used to play off the imagination of the projector or victims in different ways, the wavelength cannot be escaped without full awareness from the target that an illusion is being used. This is called the Illusion Wavelength in the manga which can be spread amongst many individuals, or a single individual with a mental focus on someone's particular wavelength. It requires her to have to become aware of and familiar with someone's wavelength in order to fully tap into its potential if she wanted to do excessive damage to her target whether physically or emotionally.

The Illusion Wavelength can last for quite a long time and is a powerful thing against the human mind and even against other magical beings; witches, werewolves, etc, depending on the user's skill level. With it, Sivanah was able to trap multiple young meisters and weapons in an Illusion World to play a game. The illusion would not fade until they found each other, walked to a particular place within the world, and solved the riddle which helped them become fully aware the entire illusion was simply a wavelength and magic, not madness.

In normal situations, her Illusion Magic has a 50/50 ratio to be successful or easily broken while it is a higher chance to succeed when one is openly exposed to her wavelength. However, the more people under her wavelength's madness, the more her mind is strained while magic is slowly drained as well until she stops her wavelength altogether.

When the mind of a target grows weary or they become exhausted, it takes less concentration and magic to keep her illusions cast upon them and makes the long term effects against her progress less quickly. 

Weaknesses Edit

  • Extensive physical combat
  • Prolonged running
  • Skilled/more experienced meisters & weapons
  • Lack of efficient vision in her left eye
  • Awareness from her target
  • A crippling fear of death that can only be temporarily overcome by pure adrenaline in order to save someone she cares about.


  • Lack of skill and awareness from her targets
  • Speed (while flying on her bells)
  • Evasion
  • Calmness of mind and body and overall control of her pull of magic and strength over her madness
  • Countering
  • Trickery, manipulation, and cunning


  • Sivanah's name is in reference to a deity who is well known for her knowledge, ruin, illusions, trickery, and magic.
  • The Blackwood family was known for many terrible deeds in which was the reason Sivanah's mother finally gave her up to Mabaa in the Witch's Realm due to not being able to handle raising a child who may one day be harmed by her or be harmful herself.
  • Sivanah's favorite foods include lobster and other expensive seafood dishes.
  • Regardless of loving seafood, she cannot stand raw fish or fish roe, nor can she stand sour drinks or spicy foods. 
  • Sivanah's most favorite drink is hot chocolate.
  • Sivanah's favorite colors are blue, gold, and gray