Stitches Stein as known as Stitches (sutechi ステッチ) is Bumble Bee's meister and is Franken Steins daughter. And witch Candy's sister.


Stitches was raised in Death city. Her whole life she was home-schooled by her father, until she attended the Death academy. She spends more time in alone than with her friends and family. She is usually seen by herself in an empty quiet room (Like her lab, classroom etc).


Stitches has a French (Her mother is seen having a French accent before her death), European, Russian, Italian and German descent. Stitches is seen to be a very skinny girl. She looks exactly like her father Franken Stein. Expect she has long gray/silver pigtails down to her ankles. She wears a lightish kacky lab coat. Wears big circle round glasses. She intianally has stripes all over her clothing (Expect for her lab coat) that are khaki and greenish khaki stripes. She has a long sleeved fingered shirt.


Stitches is a highly intelligent, indifferent and an extremely mature girl for her age. She is interested in science and books. Due to Stitches reading books, she is seen to be extremely intelligent and talks with might literacy.


Stitches gets along with all of her colleagues in the death academy. She never gets flustered or yells or gets mad at anyone. But Bee is an exception.


  • Stitches voice is similar to Velma's from Scooby-doo.
  • Since her and Maka are best friends, Maka and Stitches never used each other as weapons or meisters.
  • Death says Stitches is one of his favorite students. Because she is highly smart and never fails him.
  • Stitches is said to be the smartest students in DWMA. Which makes Ox jealous.
  • Stitches birthday is on Halloween.
  • In many scenes, it is seen that she doens't expect hand shakes. It is unknown why.
  • It is said that may have aspergers syndrome.
  • It was said by her father that her real name is "Sandra" but prefers to be called "Stitches". It's unknown why.