Veronica Ricceli is a Death Weapon who joined DWMA alongside Bonita Baca , her best friend since she was eight years old. Veronica's meister is Queen Tracleen.


Veronica was orphaned almost immediately after she was born in Venice, Italy, with no memories of her biological parents. She spent her early life at Ospedale della Pietà, where she was taught to read music and play the violin, which she did not particularly enjoy(she was much more interested in drawing and painting), but put up with. Veronica was adopted by wealthy couple Marina and Alonzo Riccelli at the age of seven years old. They moved to Las Vegas, New Mexico shortly after.

Veronica and Bonita became friends quickly after meeting each other. After learning about her abilities as a weapon, the two girls started a business called '8-Year Old With A Chainsaw For Hire', which is exactly that. They actually made a decent amount of money from this, and Bonita became very skilled as a meister, though she is also a weapon.
Her parents knew that she was a weapon from the beginning, but never made Veronica go to DWMA unless she was interested. Once she said the word, they immediately put money aside for her to stay in Death City and attend DWMA with Bonita. When she arrived, Veronica and Bonita made a deal that if neither of them could find a real meister, they would act as a doublerainbow weapon team and progress though the ranks of DWMA.

After failing the compatibility test with three times, Veronica took Marie's advice and tried someone who was quieter and less social, the exact opposite of her personality. That someone happened to be Queen Tracleen, who passed the compatibility test with flying colors. They became partners and happily went on with their school life, but she hopes the same happens for Bonita.