William Russo is Brandon Russo's little brother and a machine gun weapon.


William was born and raised in Genoa, Itlay. He grew up with a loving caring mother and an abusive father. After their mother passed away, their father was there to take care of them. But, the father was very abusive towards them. He beat them with a belt for no reason, he picked William up and suffocated them with a pillow, but Brandon pushed there father and grabbed and comforted William while he was crying. After this there father threw there stuff at them, and kicked them out of the house. So they were on there own. William was out in the streets with his brother. Fighting for their lives.


Like Patti, William has a sing-a-long voice. He acts as if he's a little kid and likes to color. Brandon tells him he's to old to be doing little kid stuff. William is more naive than Patti. He takes everything really seriously and doesn't follow what anyone says.